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Feng Shui Indoor Plants - Top Picks!

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Adding plants to your home and office brings life and wood energy to your space. Not only do they cleanse and purify the air, they are also great for stimulating the energy. Depending on the type of plant and where you place it effects the energy in different ways. Plants with pointy leaves, sharp edges or spikes are not recommended because they carry negative (Sha) energy. However, depending on where you place them, they can act as protectors from negative energy too. Make sure you don't hang onto dead plants or flowers, as they carry negative, stagant, "dead" energy. Here are a few suggestions of easy-to-grow, good vibe, indoor plants that you can add to your space to instantly raise the Qi of your home or office.

LUCKY BAMBOO is considered one of the most auspicious plants to use in Feng Shui. Lucky Bamboo is not actually bamboo, but it carries the same energy. It is extremely flexible and hollow on the inside, making it easy for Qi to flow. Lucky Bamboo transmutes negative energy into positive energy and teaches us to use the energy within us to do the same. In Feng Shui, we use lucky bamboo as a cure to balance out the 5 Elements (Wood, Water, Fire, Metal & Earth). It is a great pick for turning negative energy into positive energy and is really easy to take care of. Lucky Bamboo makes a great gift and the number of stalks represent different fortunes you wish to bestow on the receipent.

MONEY TREE is also a very auspicious plant in Feng Shui, as it represents the 5 Elements, harmony and balance. It governs our finances and brings overall wealth and abundance energies. It is good to place in your office or in the Southeast area (Wealth area) or in the entryway of your home or business. You can use a money tree anywhere to enhance the Wood Element or to add balance to a certain area.

MONEY PLANT represents wealth, prosperity and good fortune. The round leaves represent coins. Also known as the “friendship plant”, these plants produce offshoots (called "pups") that you can break off and give as a gift to friends or family. It represents sharing your wealth and brings positive energy back to you.

JADE is great for strong money luck and enhances finance energies. You can enhance this energy by placing it in Southeast area or the entrance of your home or business. Place Jade in the East for overall family balance, harmony and health, the West for creativity, studies, and children luck, or the Northwest if you are a teacher, mentor, or coach.

PEACE LILY is one of the top air purifiers and is a great option for those with allergies. They also calm, harmonize and protect the energy of the space. Peace Lilies are great to place near your computers, televisions and other electronics to help absorb the negative energy they produce. If you suffer from allergies, add a Peace Lily to your nightstand and spaces you're in a lot. It will totally help!

ORCHIDS represent luck, fertility, purity, harmony and maintaining good relationships. Colors of the flowers also stimulate the energy – white brings peace, clarity and calmness -great for your dining or coffee table. Bright pink or orange promote creativity and passion. Purple is great for wealth. Depending on where you place them also stimulates the energy. Pink in the Southwest or bedroom nightstand, Orange in the West, Purple in the Southeast).

GOLDEN POTHOS is another great air purifier - it helps with formaldehyde and carbon monoxide. It is a great option for above cabinets or anywhere their long vines can spread out or hang down. Corners of a room or anywhere that has stagnant energy is a great spot for them. They are so easy to take care of and can grow over a foot a month! If they need a trim, you can cut them just below the leaf and place the end in water. You can keep it in a vase with water or transfer to dirt once the roots have established (about a month or so).

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