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Feng Shui Tips for your Outdoor Spaces

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Here are some simple Feng Shui concepts you can use in your outdoor spaces to maximize your Qi instantly!

In Feng Shui, one of the things we encourage is the use and balance of the 5 Elements (Wood, Water, Fire, Metal and Earth). Understanding the Elements and how they show up in your spaces will help you balance them out. When the Qi is balanced, the space feels more comfortable and inviting. Implementing these techniques and making a few simple changes can completely change the Qi.

Take a good observation of your outdoor space. Look at the surroundings and what materials things are made of. What are the colors and shapes? This includes your structures, flooring, furniture, décor, bushes, trees, plants and flowers.

Here’s a simple breakdown of each Element, what they represent, what compass directions they reside in, and how they may show up in your spaces.

Wood Element (East & Southeast)

Material in fences, patio structures, furniture, décor. Colors are greens, lighter blues, teals, and purples (SE). Shape is cylinder.

Water Element (North)

Pools, spas/hot tubs, waterfalls, fountains, bird baths. Colors are black, dark greys, dark blues. Shape is wavey lines.

Fire Element (South)

The natural sun, lighting, candles, fire pits, BBQs, heaters, any fire features. Colors are reds and oranges. Shape is triangle.

Metal Element (West & Northwest)

Material in fences, patio structures, furniture, décor, windchimes. Colors are lighter greys, white, silver, gold. Shapes are circles and ovals.

Earth Element (Southwest & Center)

Natural surroundings in our trees, grass, plants, boulders, stones, rocks, pebbles, river beds, ceramic pots. Colors are greens, browns, tans, yellows. Shapes are square and rectangular.

1. Balance the Elements so one isn’t overpowering or lacking

What elements do you see? Are your elements balanced? Are any elements overpowering or lacking? Making sure your elements are balanced will allow the Qi to support you in a more balanced way and feel more comfortable.

2. Make sure all pathways are clear and well lit.

Pathways should not be too narrow or overgrown. It prevents Qi from flowing freely. If you have multiple seating areas in your backyard, make sure there are clear paths to each area. Keeping pathways clear and well-lit will allow Qi to flow naturally to each space and will be more inviting.

3. Avoid excessive straight lines and sharp angles

Sharp angles and excessive straight lines carry Sha (negative) energy. Having too many can block Qi and direct negative energy. Rounding out the edges on pathways or designing them in a curvy fashion is recommended for maximum Qi flow. There are a few exceptions to this, but overall, avoid too many sharp angles and straight lines.

4. Avoid clutter and keep things organized

Don’t allow things to clutter up your outdoor spaces. Keep things tidy and organized. Make sure your spaces aren’t overcrowded with plants and furniture.

5. Select furniture and décor that fits your space

Having proper sized furniture for the space that is comfortable is important. Make sure your furniture isn’t oversized, taking up too much space, or blocking pathways.

6. Group things in 3’s or 5’s

You can group plants, bushes, potted plants, candles and other décor in groups of 3’s or 5’s. This is aesthetically pleasing and also encourages a more balanced flow. The only exception is the Southwest (relationship area), where things in 2’s are recommended.

7. Make sure tree branches aren’t touching your house

8. Repair any leaky sprinklers or hoses

Water represents wealth, so repairing leaks is really important. Leaky water in Feng Shui is like throwing your money away.

9. Choose plants and flowers that grow well in your area and choose ones that you enjoy

Our outdoor spaces should be the place we like to spend time in to relax. Having plants that you enjoy stimulates more positive energy.

10. Get rid of dead plants and weeds

Dead plants and weeds cut off positive energy. It’s important to make sure your yard is thriving with healthy grass, plants, trees, and flowers and is weed free.

11. Windchimes are a popular Feng Shui outdoor item

Windchimes are great for calling in positive Qi. Metal chimes with 5 or 6 rods are recommended. You can place them in the Northwest, West or any direction you want to call in positive Qi.

12. Use compass directions and the Bagua Grid to enhance Qi

In Feng Shui, we also use the compass directions to determine locations of certain features. Here are some ideas you can easily implement per compass directions in reference to the Bagua Map to stimulate the Qi.

Southeast is your wealth area (Water Element). This would be a great location for a water feature, a wooden bench, or green plants.

South is our fame and reputation area (Fire Element). Adding a fire feature, lights, or red flowers in this area is recommended. This is a great place for a fire pit or BBQ.

Southwest is our relationship area (Earth Element). This would be a great location to add things in 2’s – 2 crane statues, statues of a man and woman, etc., or plant pink flowers or jasmine.

East is your creativity area and the Northeast is your travel/helpful people area. (Both are the Metal Element). Adding a wind chime, metal sculptures, or flowers that are white are good choices for these areas.

North is your career sector (Water Element). This is a great area to add a water feature, plant blue flowers, or have an entrance to a garden.

Northeast is your wisdom area (Earth Element). This location is great for a seating area, adding rocks, yellow flowers and things that inspire you are good choices.

East is your family/elders area (Wood Element). This is a great area to add dark green foliage or a water feature.

I hope you enjoyed these simple Feng Shui tips. Check out my other blog posts for more!

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