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Happy 2022 Year of the YANG WATER TIGER!!

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

2022 is the Year of the YANG WATER TIGER and starts on the New Lunar (Moon) Cycle on February 1, also known as the Chinese New Year. It will be a year of major and drastic changes and transitions, both positive and negative. It can feel quiet and calm then go to disruptive and explosive. How this will personally affect you depends on your personal energy chart and where you are at on your life journey. The energy will affect all of us in different ways. This is an overall collective energy forecast to help guide you.

Let's dive a little deeper and see what these energies have in store for us.

WATER comes in many forms. It can be still like a pond or lake, flowing like a river or waterfall, or it can have a lot of movement like a raging river or ocean waves crashing hard. Water can be deep or shallow, murky or clear. YANG WATER is connected to flowing water like a river or waterfall, it is always moving. It does not like to be controlled and it likes to flow freely. It is very adaptable and will find its way around obstacles. Think of water in a river. It flows around all the rocks, plants or logs in its way and keeps moving. The energy will feel like this, so the more we are able to adapt to our situations and flow around them will allow us to maneuver around those larger, more difficult obstacles.

WATER TIGER is energy of growth, development, planning, creation, challenge and caution. Tiger energy is connected to the Wood Element, which is supported by Water (water feeds wood), so the Water Element will help the Wood Element of the Tiger grow. Wealth is also related to the Wood Element so having the combo with the Water Element helps it grow even more. 2022 is a great year for some to start a business or a new project. It has great opportunities to create new wealth or shift what you are currently doing. Tiger energy is brave and can give us the courage to take steps towards new beginnings. However, it does come with ups and downs, so don’t get discouraged. Take advantage of the energy when you have it, then give yourself some time to analyze, regroup and plan your next steps towards your goals.

TIGER energy seeks adventure, is fiercely independent, protective, and has a desire for knowledge and power. It can be explosive and energetic too. Think of how Tigers act in nature- they like to lay around in the sun and sleep, yet they can pounce on prey when needed and are feared and respected. Tigers are fearless creatures and will go where others fear to go. Tiger people are natural leaders and have revolutionary ideas. They can be very charming and usually have very firm views. They enjoy competition and fighting for what they believe in, but can struggle with their emotions. They do have sensitive sides that allow them to be so passionate. This can cause them to become moody or reactive. Learning how to tame the Tiger within us and teaching it when to roar will help serve us on our evolution over this next year.

Tiger energy can feel restless too - like when a Tiger paces in its cage. It can be frustrating so be mindful of outbursts and feeling like things aren’t moving forward quick enough. It is encouraged to take advantage of your time when you get a burst of energy. You can get a lot accomplished during this time. Then when the energy isn’t as flowing, take a moment to sit back and plan, do critical thinking, and analyze your next actions. Give yourself time to take care of you - meditate and tap into what truly drives you, motivates you, and lights you up and what next steps you can take to achieve your goals. Allowing time for this will help ground the energy you need to make the next move with a clear mind and the confidence to do so.

Tiger years can bring extreme energies like major career, relationship and life breakthroughs to explosions and natural disasters, such as earthquakes, erupting volcanoes, extreme heat, storms, flooding, etc. The energy will feel like high highs and low lows, so be mindful of this in your personal life. With the support of the Water Element, a lot of great things can happen too, so please don’t sit in fear. Embrace whatever changes and shifts that need to happen. We are going through a major transformation process both individually and as a collective in humanity. And Earth is transforming too. The old ways of doing things and the old thought processes just aren’t going to work anymore. The more we are able to be fluid like water and embrace these changes, the easier and empowering it will be. Follow your gut, sit in your truth, don’t judge others, take care of yourself and go after what truly is best for you.

This is going to be an AMAZING, yet shocking year and I hope it brings you clarity, transformation, healing, and helps align you with the best version of yourself. Take care my friends and HAPPY 2022 YEAR OF THE YANG WATER TIGER!!!

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