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Lucky Bamboo

LUCKY BAMBOO is considered one of the most auspicious plants to use in Feng Shui to bring positive energies into your home or work space. Bamboo carries positive, abundant, luck and wealth Qi (energy) and represents flexibility, freedom and peace. Bamboo is hollow inside which allows more movement of this positive Qi, teaching us to use the energy and wisdom inside of us to reflect the world outside of us. To properly enhance the Qi, you need to display the bamboo in a way that balances out the 5 Elements (Wood, Water, Fire, Metal & Earth). You can put the stalks (Wood Element) in a glass vase (Earth Element) or one with a metal rim (Metal Element), and fill the vase with stones (Earth Element) and water (Water Element), making sure all the roots are submerged in the water. Tie a piece of red ribbon (Fire Element) to the stalks and WA-LA! Place your lucky bamboo in the East (Family) or Southeast (Wealth) areas of your home or in your entryway to attract wealth and abundance. Giving lucky bamboo arrangements or receiving them is considered to double the meaning to the receiver. It is common see Lucky Bamboo in arrangements containing more than one stalk. The number of stalks you use represent different energies.

ONE stalk – known as the Lucky Log, it is great for starting a new business or symbolic for a long, fulfilled life.

TWO stalks – believed to double your luck and is often associated with love.

THREE stalks – one of the most common, three stalks represent the three lucks of life. Happiness (Fu), Long Life (Soh), and Wealth (Lu).

FOUR stalks – AVOID completely! Four carries negative (Sha) energy and represents death. Giving or receiving is like a death wish. Never Four!

FIVE stalks – represents the 5 major areas of life (emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and our intuition). It promotes a healthy body, mind, spirit, career and finances.

SIX stalks – attracts luck, prosperity and golden opportunities to attain greater wealth and abundance.

SEVEN stalks – represents good health.

EIGHT stalks – auspicious for growth. Great for fertility.

NINE stalks – symbolizes good luck and blessings.

TEN stalks – promotes wishes to feel content, whole, and complete.

TWENTY-ONE stalks – signifies that all the wishes of tremendous wealth, health and abundance are granted to you.

EIGHTY-EIGHT stalks – represents the doubling of luck.

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