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What is Feng Shui?

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Wind & Water

Feng Shui is not a religion, superstition or just a design scheme. Feng Shui focuses on the balance and harmony of the energy (Qi or Chi) of the environment you live and work in.  Energy is all around us.  Everything has an energetic force.  Just as each person is different, so is the land and home.  Each carries its own energetic personality.  Feng Shui is concerned with Qi and balancing or enhancing it - using compass directions, The Bagua, Astrology, the shape, form, and lay-out of a building and how it relates to the land, surrounding buildings, directions, and occupants. 


Feng Shui means “Wind” and “Water”.  Wind represents the unseen moving energy of the vibrational world and Water represents the energy from the physical, manifested world.  The term for Feng Shui in ancient Chinese text was originally “Kan Yu”, which means to “observe the ways of Heaven and investigate the ways of Earth”.  This philosophy is part of the “Tao”, which means “the way” and includes the knowledge of Feng Shui, Chinese medicine (acupuncture, use of herbs, essential oils, etc.), meditation, Yoga, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, etc.  These teachings are part of the Book of Changes, The I’Ching.  The I-Ching is the oldest Chinese philosophical text, dating back to the Zhou Dynasty (1022-256BC)].  Evidence of Feng Shui practices date back to over 5,000 years ago and have grown over the years.  These teachings are becoming more mainstream in the U.S. and around the world. 


How a space supports us and makes us feel affects every aspect of our lives.  It can affect our health, relationships, career, and overall well-being.  If your environment mirrors chaos, it will most likely only magnify our inner imbalance.  When our personal Qi (energy or life force) is out of balance, we tend to feel sick more easily.  We make choices that do not serve our best interests, and often find ourselves surrounded by negative situations and relationships.  When we surround ourselves with harmonized, balanced Qi, everything seems to move effortlessly.  


When I am called in to do a Feng Shui consultation it is because my clients are ready to shift… ready to make positive changes in their lives.  This may not be evident to them at first, but once we sit down and have a conversation about what’s going on in their lives, we often come up with a plan to shift their personal energy.  It all depends on the client’s wants, needs, willingness, and desire to make a shift in their lives.  


For those who have been on their "Awakened Jorney" for some time now, implementing Feng Shui techniques is GREAT for taking you to that NEXT LEVEL.  It’s that energetic, balanced support of your environments that you can use to give you an energetic boost.  For those who have not done much inner work or have energetic blockages, this can present you with Mind, Body & Soul work that personally needs to be balanced (shadow work).  It all depends on where you are at on your journey.  Feng Shui starts with the individual.  In addition to working on the environment, I often work with my clients personally to help them awaken to their highest potential.  


​Feng Shui can improve all aspects of your life.  Living and working in a pleasing, balanced environment can open up a whole new world for you and take your life to the NEXT LEVEL!

Feng Shui for Your Home

You can change and align the energy in your home to promote positive Qi by decluttering, shifting furniture around, and by introducing colors and elements into your space.

  • Does your home feel good when you enter? 

  • Do certain rooms or areas not feel good and you don’t know why?

  • Are you struggling to make your house feel like a home?

  • Are you losing your battle with clutter and chaos?

  • Are you having chronic health issues?

  • Are you having a hard time choosing colors and a style that fits you?


Your home and surroundings affect the way you think, feel, and behave.  Feng Shui is a dynamic tool for transformation.  By removing obstacles and making positive adjustments you can encourage a harmonious flow of energy so that your living space is better able to support you. 

Feng Shui for Businesses and Corporations

Feng Shui can help with your business to build a solid foundation for stability, effectiveness and prosperity by creating environments that support and promote human potential and help improve fame, recognition, financial stability, and influence. 

  • Designing a space that allows a comfortable working environment that is balanced for efficiency and stable growth

  • Problem solve and generate solutions that improve decision making skills and better flow to operations

  • Creating a pleasing, inviting environment increases profits and improves customer/client satisfaction


Here's a few Fortune 500 companies and power house people that use Feng Shui:

Disney, Nike, FedEx, Intel, Dream Works, Coca-Cola, Morgan Stanley, W Hotel, Marriot Hotels, Hilton Hotels, Whole Foods, Zappos, Virgin, HSBC, NBC, Steven Spielberg, Madonna, Johnny Depp, Julia Roberts, and many more!

Let’s Work Together

I am honored to help guide you to the NEXT LEVEL of YOUR AWAKENING.  Contact me today for your FREE 15-minute consultation.  

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