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About Wendy


My name is Wendy Gentilly and I am a NEXT LEVEL Mind, Body, Soul & Environments Guide, Feng Shui Practitioner,  and a licensed CA Realtor with Keller Williams.  


I am a Home & People Empath.  


I help people buy and sell their homes, stage them, design them, organize them, and balance them.  I love helping people turn their houses into a home that fully supports them and is their sacred space.  It is my mission to help others align to their highest potential and live in alignment with their Mind, Body, Soul & Environments.


I use a combination of my gifts, tools, systems, intuition, experiences, and knowledge to help guide people through the process of living in alignment with their Mind, Body, Soul & Environments.  I'm able to meet my clients wherever they are at on their journey, and help take their lives the NEXT LEVEL of their AWAKENING. 


Your environments are a mirror or a reflection of your inner self and your inner self mirrors your environments.  When you implement Feng Shui techniques, you are shifting the energy of your home into a balanced state.  This will stir up the energy in your personal life if it is not balanced.  Your Soul or Higher Self is wanting to connect with you so you can live in balanced state as well.  This results in a need to do inner work – Mind & Soul.  Human Design and Astrology are great tools to use for personal development and awakening to your true, authentic version of YOU.  It is your personal Users’ Manual.  They are valuable tools to help take you to the


Sometimes you could be in more of a balanced state with your Mind, Body & Soul but your Environment is not.  Implementing Feng Shui techniques in your home and workplace allows the energy to better support YOU and all occupants.  


I am grateful for the knowledge and experiences I’ve learned and continue to learn along my journey.  The connection of all these systems (I’Ching, Astrology, Human Design, Kabballah, Chakra System, and Shamanic Studies) took me on a deep dive journey of learning, doing shadow work, and shifting to live per my unique design.  It has brought me here to share and guide those who feel called to know how connect with their Higher Self and live in Alignment with their Mind, Body, Soul & Environments.  I am excited and honored to share it with you and help guide you to the NEXT LEVEL of your AWAKENING!    

Let’s Work Together

I am honored to help guide you to the NEXT LEVEL of YOUR AWAKENING.  Contact me today for your FREE 15-minute consultation.  

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