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Feng Shui for Real Estate

- Buying or Selling a Home

  • Selling or buying a homeAs a licensed realtor with Keller Williams Coastal Estates, you can enjoy all the traditional services of a licensed real estate agent plus enjoy the advantage of buying or selling your home with a Feng Shui practitioner.  I also work with other real estate professionals, homeowner’s, and business professionals to find solutions that meet their individual needs in a way that is life enhancing and environmentally balanced. 

  • Each home and the land it sits on has an energetic history.  Does the home feel good?  Feel bad?  Does it have bad history?  (Divorce, death, bankruptcy, etc.)  Space clearing and balancing the energetic flow with Feng Shui techniques helps sell homes and can help you choose a home that’s energetically right for you and your family. 

  • Staging homes to sell – colors, furniture placement, using the 5 elements and Ba Gua grid help the energetic flow to sell quickly and for the best profits!

  • Home/Building design, remodeling and landscape design – Thinking of building or remodeling?  This is the best phase to implement Feng Shui.  Starting with a blank canvas allows maximum potential.  

The energy inside your home can be changed easily.  Keep in mind that energy is all around you, not just inside your home.  The outside is fixed (cannot be changed) – mountains, ocean, trees, parks, swimming pools, surrounding buildings, cemeteries, churches, schools, freeways, power lines, roads, cul-de-sacs, street corner properties, geopathic stress (underground streams, sewers, water pipes, electricity, mineral forms, etc.).  All of these features affect the Qi of your home. 

Feng Shui for Your Home

Feng Shui for Businesses and Corporations

You can change and align the energy in your home to promote positive Qi by decluttering, shifting furniture around, and by introducing colors and elements into your space.

  • Does your home feel good when you enter? 

  • Do certain rooms or areas not feel good and you don’t know why?

  • Are you struggling to make your house feel like a home?

  • Are you losing your battle with clutter and chaos?

  • Are you having chronic health issues?

  • Are you having a hard time choosing colors and a style that fits you?

Your home and surroundings affect the way you think, feel and behave.  Feng Shui is a dynamic tool for transformation.  By removing obstacles and making positive adjustments you can encourage a harmonious flow of energy so that your living space is better able to support you. 

Feng Shui can help with your business to build a solid foundation for stability, effectiveness and prosperity by creating environments that support and promote human potential and help improve fame, recognition, financial stability and influence. 

  • Remodel and design of space to allow an optimum, comfortable working environment that is balanced for efficient and stable growth

  • Problem solve and generate solutions to improve decision making skills and have greater job satisfaction

  • Create an ergonomic environment to increase profits and improve customer/client satisfaction

Here's a few Fortune 500 companies and power house people that use Feng Shui:

Disney, Nike, FedEx, Intel, Dream Works, Coca-Cola, Morgan Stanley, W Hotel, Marriot Hotels, Hilton Hotels, Whole Foods, Zappos, Virgin, HSBC, NBC, Steven Spielberg, Bill Gates, Deepak Chopra, Oprah Winfrey, and many more!