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2023 Year of the Yin Water Rabbit

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

The 2023 Yin Water Rabbit year will have a completely different feel to it than the 2022 Yang Water Tiger year. Rabbits and Tigers are completely different in nature and Yin & Yang are opposite energies. We are continuing 2023 with Water energy, which helps us flow, grow, and adapt to changes.

Let’s break it down so you can be aware of how these energies might show up in your life and how you can use the knowledge of the energies to help you navigate through them.

WATER ELEMENT Water carries both Yin and Yang energy. It can be still, calm, have a trickle, a steady flow, or it can be turbulent. Yang Water is rapid flowing water, like an ocean or raging river. It is more turbulent and fast moving. Yin Water is calm, like a lake or a stream. Water has many depths to it. It can be shallow or deep, murky or clear. 2023 will have this concept of deep diving into yourself to get in flow and seek clarity in your life. Water can flow or it can be blocked. It asks us to take a look at what is flowing in our lives and what is blocked. The Water element supports us in these deep dives and supports us in making any changes to unblock any obstacles in your way.

The Water element is associated with money, so it is a good year for career and business opportunities. The Rabbit represents the Wood element, so the Water element helps the Wood element grow, increasing finances even more. Take those solid leaps.

The Water element will be a supportive tool for you. Invite more water into your life as much as you can. Visit it, listen to it, and appreciate it when you drink it or bathe in it.

THE RABBIT When you think of how a rabbit is in nature, they are gentle, sensitive, alert, and move fast. They have extremely good hearing and are very in tune with their surroundings.

The Rabbit is said to be the guide between the Heavens and Earth, heightening our intuition.

This year will bring a lot of clarity to your life and humanity as a whole. Trust your inner gut and do your own fact-checking before believing things.

Rabbits are very fertile and represent wealth and prosperity. It will be a great year to focus on increasing our finances. Making good, solid leaps are supported. Rabbits can sometimes trust too easily, so be AWARE of scams, false information, and fake people. Make sure you do your own research before signing any contracts or making any commitments. Follow your gut instincts and use that as your guide.

Rabbits are very social and intellectual. It will be a good year for networking and making connections that align and support you. Don’t be afraid to take those hops and leaps that feel energetically in alignment and support you. Trust, but verify.

Rabbits like peace and tranquility. It’s important to ground yourself - get out in nature, check in with yourself, and give yourself some time to process and collect your thoughts. Having a plan and being patient will set you up nicely to embrace the changes and shifts in your life.

Rabbits like to take care of themselves. Health care routines and exercise will be supported. Take advantage of this energy to follow through with making these shifts. Self-care will motivate you.

YIN ENERGY is slow, cool, wet, and dark. It represents the moon, night time, curves, softness, and is more of a feminine type of energy. Yang energy is fast-moving, loud, active, and bright. It represents the sun, angles, straight lines, and is more of a masculine energy.

The 2023 Yin energy is asking us to look for solutions instead of trying to argue or prove points. Judgment only creates further divide, find your tribe. The Yin energy is asking us to take a softer, more loving approach to our problems. It's asking us to get heart centered in our decision making and not judge others.

The Yin Water Rabbit energy combination will be a transformational year for those who are willing to do the work. It will have a soft, supportive, intuitive, social-networking vibe to it. It will require you to deep dive and make shifts, which can be challenging. The more you can make positive adjustments and set healthy boundaries from a heart centered space, with a softer approach, it will benefit you and feel freeing and more peaceful.

We are encouraged to keep an open mind and not limit ourselves with over thinking, judging, and restricting our critical thinking. Do your own research and let your intuition be your guide. The more we strengthen ourselves, the more in balance and flow we can be.

I hope you all embrace this Yin Water Rabbit energy to its fullest and I wish you all the best!

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