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If you struggle with clutter, shifting your mindset on how you look at clutter is the most important step in tackling the clutter monster once and for all. Looking at it from a Feng Shui perspective and using Feng Shui techniques might be the key to unlock your clutter “programming” that has left you feeling overwhelmed and stuck. Depending on where the clutter is located in your home, it can negatively influence or completely block the flow of energy into areas of your life. Clutter is the BIGGEST Qi blocker!! You instantly feel the energy shift when you remove clutter, organize and clean a space. It allows the Qi to flow more easily, making it better able support you throughout your daily life. It does take commitment, courage, an open mind, and the need to truly want to change the blockages and lifestyle habits that have been created. All of that clutter is stealing your Qi and blocking the energy flow. Closets, garages and attics count too!


Put times to declutter on your schedule (30 mins. 3 days a week, 2 hrs. Sat and Sun, etc.). Make sure you follow through and reward yourself for doing so. You can take a bath, read a book you’ve been meaning to for 10-15mins, or just relax outside – whatever it is that’s rewarding to you. This helps with stimulating more positive Qi, allowing it to flow - giving you a boost of rewarding, positive energy movement while being productive too.


Start by removing all obvious trash and have bins or boxes on hand. Label them with “Keep”, “Donate”, “Not Sure”, and “Sell” (if you plan on selling items). All items you choose to “Keep” need to have a space. Donating items or giving them to family and friends always feels good and stimulates positive Qi. Items you’re not sure about – store them in the garage for a few months and then decide how you feel about them. Getting rid of items that we are attached to can be an overwhelming and emotional process. Deciding on what items we want to keep and what items we can part ways with can be something we need to work through and that’s ok! It’s a process! Be easy on yourself!! Acknowledging this and working through the obstacles is what matters most in achieving a clutter free environment.


It’s best to focus on smaller areas instead of getting overwhelmed by all of the projects that need to be done. Make a list, most important at the top, and tackle one area at a time. The most important areas to focus on are your:

~ FRONT DOOR & ENTRY WAY - In Feng Shui, the front door is considered to be the Mouth of Qi. This is where all the energy flows into your home, so you want to keep it clean, clutter free, inviting, and well-lit at all times.

~ BEDROOM – This is where we sleep and spend a bulk of our time. It is very important to have balanced Qi in our bedrooms. There should be no exercise equipment, work spaces, piles of clothes, TVs, etc. in the bedroom. The bedroom is a sacred place of sleep and partnership. Having matching nightstands and lamps promotes balance in your relationship with your partner. Keeping under your bed free of shoes, paperwork, or sharp items is recommend. Soft items such as blankets or clothing is ok.

~ KITCHEN – The kitchen is where we nourish ourselves and is represented of how we take care of ourselves. Kitchens are always the gathering area of the home. Make sure you keep the counters clean and clutter free and have fresh fruits and vegetables in a bowl on your counter.

Decluttering can be a process, but it is a rewarding one!

"When we throw out the physical clutter, we clear our minds. When we throw out the mental clutter, we clear our souls" ~ Gail Blanke

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